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Representatives Reject National Reconciliation


By: Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Faqih*

Political representatives in the House of Representatives (HoR)

Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Faqih
Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Faqih

who do not have the public’s interest as their top priority have tormented the Libyan people, neglected their needs and have turned a blind eye to the declining standard of living all around Libya, keeping the country in the dark by destroying every gesture of hope in sight.

They would be more effective by standing down and passing on their powers to those who are more efficient and worthy. Unfortunately, the disappointment, this time, comes from the HoR, which is supposed to represent the public, manage their affairs and lead them to the difficulties of the transitional stage towards a prosperous modern civil nation with fixed constitutional institutions.

When the HoR first set to replace the General National Congress (GNC), the public supported the transition and cheered for it, went out to the streets and protested against the extension of the GNC and forced parliamentary election, at a time where the GNC was hanging on by a thread without any legitimacy or International backing.

The HoR, which people trusted, is no longer trustworthy, and rather than being part of the solution is now a problem. Despite the expiration of the mandate given to them, they are exercising power outside of their authority. The extension is associated with the Political Agreement (PA), an agreement the HoR is constantly trying to sabotage.

This elected body has a duty to attend hearings and discussions relating to the matters of the Libyan people; however, this is not the case. In fact, Libya might be the first country where representatives aren’t attending their meetings. They are paid to do this job and can claim bonuses, no one is forcing them to be in this position, and every time we hear in the news that a session is set to take place, it somehow falls apart.

The HoR has failed to fulfill its commitment towards the PA and has been delaying the ratification of the Government of National Accord (GNA) for the previous eight months. Its actions caused the country to split into east and west, a division that’s increasingly growing every day to the point where the Grand Mufti declared war against the National Army, which represents the military presence against terrorism in the East and is supported by locals, causing the division to evolve into a civil war regrettably.

This situation could prove to be catastrophic; I am surprised as to how the members do not see how serious it is and how it could affect the future of Libya. The Presidential Council (PC) is not doing a better job; they are failing to contain militias and are exposing themselves to the sins and repercussions of Islamic politicians, finding itself forced to deal with the Grand Mufti and his fatwas, which is not making their job any easier.

The most recent failure that demonstrated the weakness of the PC was the case of the 12 prisoners who were murdered in a cold blood and left to rot in the street, which proved just how fragile security is in Libya.

Also, the power outages, the banking liquidation crisis and the failure to pay government employees have left the PC with nothing to bargain with, apart from the armed forces loyal to the PC, mainly from Misrata, who are fighting against the Islamic State (IS) loyalists and are gaining notable progress. This is a battle for the whole country; nobody questions its sincerity and the sacrifices that fighters have made, a fight which not only Libyans are behind but the entire civilized world.

We are all awaiting eastern Libyan forces to join with their western Libyan brothers to put an end to this war once and for all. However, the failure of the HoR and their obstruction of the ratification has deprived the nation of such an occasion.

*A Libyan Novelist and Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source