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Russia demands strict control over weapons supply to Libya


Russia demanded strict controls before allowing in weapons to particular parties inside Libya, by the plan the European Union is considering.

The Security Council is meeting, next Monday, to consider approving European demand to enable the Operation “Sofia” to implement full arms embargo, and apply naval blockage to pursue people smugglers.

The European Union ministers are meeting in Luxembourg to ratify such demand that includes expansion of “Sofia” missions. Russia fears that such approach would use as a cover to get in weapons to particular parties, claiming to support the presidential guards assigned by the Government of National Accord (GNA).

“We are wary of reports from various sources about plans to carry out military operations on Libyan territory with the participation of foreign contingents,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Oleg Syromolotov, said in response to written questions from Bloomberg News. “Any actions of force in this country requires the agreement of the legitimate Libyan leadership and UN approval.”

He said that his country needs “absolute guarantees” that weapons won’t eventually reach wrong hands, before raising arms ban.

On another side, Amnesty International warned, Monday, of European plans to officially cooperate with Libya to address migration crisis. Referring to the inability of Libya to manage migration and dangers migrants face inside Libya, besides the lack of effective state institutions, the rule of law and the bad conditions of prisons and detention facilities.

Amnesty International considered the EU ‘just trying by any possible means to get rid of the responsibility of managing such humanitarian crisis either with Libya or any other African country”.