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Arguments between HoR members on convening



The House of Representatives (HoR) member, Mohamed Raed, said that the HoR’s Monday’ session wasn’t held which negatively affects the current situation and the Libyan Political Agreement, stressing the need to convene outside Tobruk.

He confirmed, to media reporters, that the Political Agreement is ratified by 110 HoR members though enforceable, highlighting the need for HoR members to convene to freely express their opinions, based on public (not personal) interests.

Raed’s statements followed controversy among the HoR members; some demand a session to endorse the unity government while others oppose.

Opposing that, the HoR member, Yunis Fanoush, expressed his rejection to “prescriptions that the HoR derives its legitimacy from the political accord but polls”.

He added that “the political agreement is unenforceable, implementing it shall lead the country to a disaster, the international community can’t enforce the Presidential Council (PC) government; there should be an alternative.”

Fanoush’s statement was a response to the open letter addressed to the HoR head, Ageela Saleh, from his first and second deputies, Emhmed Shuaib and Ehmaid Huma, demanding the HoR to convene.

The HoR was supposed to convene, Monday, but the session delayed for, Tuesday, due to lack of legal quorum.