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Al-Rwimy massacre and mixing cards



Killing Al-Rwimy’s prisoners is a hideous criminal act, may be the perpetrators felt that justice wasn’t held perfectly. Such thinking is against the law and Sharia. One of the reasons for such massacre is the absence of state control due to the proliferation of various kinds of weapons, besides the prevail security vacuum.

The crime wasn’t committed under the sight of the country; the accused were acquitted by the judiciary. Maybe the perpetrators are “the blood custodians” who revenge the prisoners for their part in suppressing and killing protesters during 2011 revolution in Tripoli.

Some thought the massacre could totally end reconciliation efforts and the Presidential Council (PC) as if the country is already stabilized and the government controls the whole state securely and administratively, while the fact is that the Government of National Accord (GNA) is facing many obstacles on different levels including security situation. The GNA is struggling to contain.

Common sense says that there should be a transparent and quick investigation to reveal all criminals who committed such act, and to cut the road in front of those who mix the PC cards and undermine its efforts, especially after the latest advances in Sirte.

From another side, the whole world welcomed the release of Gaddafi era prisoners, which it is considered as an important step towards achieving social peace and national reconciliation. The question here is why targeting a group of them? Who is the beneficial of killing the released prisoners?

Hence, there should be a thorough investigation to find all criminals and refer them to justice; there also should be an investigation in Derna massacres to know who is responsible for the air forces that killed children in Derna days ago. There should be investigations also in the crime of detaining dozens of prisoners in facilities affiliated to retired general Khalifa Haftar, including some who were assassinated outside the law framework.

Consequences that followed the death of Al-Rwimy prisoners prove that some parties try to mix all cards to confuse the (already weak) Presidential Council (PC). The crime is very strange, and if the target was revenge from Gaddafi regime prisoners, it should have been senior officials who were acquitted and the whole world watched how families welcomed them, and also they should have killed officials who are still inside prisons like Abdullah Al-Senussi.