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Horrific massacre in Tripoli



Seventeen bodies were found in Wadi Al-Rabea area, south of Tripoli, while other four were discovered in Ein Zara area, one of them was shot in the head and had torture marks on it.

The bodies appeared in photos accompanied with release papers. Local media suggest that the killings were part of the assassination of political prisoners who were detained in Al-Rwimy prison in Ein-Zara area.

Stories said that the victims were killed after allowed to leave the prison then followed by armed people in cars who killed them and burned two of the bodies.

LIBYAPROSPECT learned from a source inside the Presidential Council (PC) that its head, Fayez Al-Sarraj, contacted the prosecutor’s office to start urgent investigations in the case. The Interior Minister was ordered to follow the case while the PC will use all means to uncover the truth behind the accident.