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Derna notables denounce pro-Haftar air raids

Haftar air raids on Derna kill children and intimidate patients in hospitals - Internet

The Council of Derna Notables and Mayors denounced the air raids by air forces affiliated to the retired General Khalifa Haftar on the city, on Thursday, which left three dead and injured others, describing it of being a punishment for the city whose youth removed the Islamic State group (IS) militants.

The council’s chief demanded in a demonstration out of Al-Sahaba mosque the raids targeting residential areas, important locations, and infrastructures to stop.

He said that the city has lost more than 250 of its youth to achieve a victory that was recognized by the whole world except for those who are shelling the city right now.

He asked the international humanitarian organizations, the House of Representatives (HoR) and the Presidential Council (PC) to stop the raids and protect the civilians. He asserted that Derna wasn’t planning to be an independent state.

He called for starting an investigation into the killing of women and children and intimidating patients in hospitals due to these raids.