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An open letter to the head of HoR


The first and second deputies of the chairman of the House of Representatives (HoR), Emhmed Shuaib and Ehmaid Huma, addressed an open letter to the HoR chairman, Aqeela Saleh, to remind him of all previous attempts by the majority of members to convene in Tobruk where they were intimidated in front of everyone including Saleh who stood still and did nothing.

At the beginning of the letter, Shuaib and Huma praised “all heroes who are fighting terrorism across the country, asking mercy for the martyrs and quick recovery for the injured”, adding that “they are real symbol and role model, symbolizing unity and dedication for the homeland.”

The letter referred to a statement by the HoR official spokesperson, which it considered “void, as the HoR members were not consulted about the content.” Adding “based on our keenness to end the current stalemate inside the HoR, we would like to remind you of different attempts by the majority of members to convene inside the HoR in Tobruk despite violence and intimidation they faced, which was very obvious in front of all of you without any reaction or condemn for such acts”.

The letter pointed to attempts to solve the crisis through Cairo meetings and visits to Ageela Saleh’s home in the city of Al-Qubba.

Shuaib and Huma said that “the main point was to end the current crisis. Hence, it is clear that describing the majority of members as absent is just repetition for the same tone as it ignores the main reason, which is violence, resulting from legal and political status”.

Both, Shuaib and Huma, expressed their desire to convene in Tobruk, but “they don’t accept any of the past positions”, so are matters and positions matured?

At the end of the letter that addressed to the HoR chairman, Shuaib and Huma said “we demand a confirmation that you only desire a quite and safe session so that members can perform their constitutional right and express their opinions and positions; until then we hold you responsible for the inability of the HoR to convene and all the political consequences that might negatively affect the country and citizens”.