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IS mastermind reveals the group’s plans


Security forces arrested Jihad Shandol, the so-called Islamic State (IS) mastermind.

Akhbar Al-An met Shandol, who revealed information about his role in training Tunisian fighters inside Libya, facilitate their entry in Libya to committee terrorist activities.

Shandol, known as Abusaif Al-Islam, arrested by deterrence forces following the American airstrikes against the IS training center in Sabratha. He was recruited beside other Tunisian youth to go to Syria.

Shandol acknowledged that oil traffickers helped him to cross borders from the Tunisian city Bin Guerdane to the Libyan city Sabratha, during the night, he tried to travel to Syria from Turkey with a fake passport but failed, so he returned to Sirte and trained on using weapons and suicide attacks.

He said that the IS fighters are always in conflict over “Emarah” and lack of coordination among fighters.