Home News Clashes erupt between Al-Bonyan Al-Marsous and IS

Clashes erupt between Al-Bonyan Al-Marsous and IS


Clashes erupted, Sunday, between the Islamic State (IS) fighters and the Operation Al-Bonyan Al-Marsous of the Presidential Council (PC), as the latter moved forward to the steam station, 12 km west of the city of Sirte.

Al-Bonyan Al-Marsos forces reached Wadi Jaref southern Sirte, and controlled Lood valley, across the way to Al-Jufra, south Sirte, after fierce confrontations with the IS, and opened the road for the third force elements who positioned inside Al-Jufra for weeks.

Three elements were injured and transported to Misrata central hospital.

The steam station was an important IS strategic location to prevent Al-Bonyan Al-Marsous forces from circling Sirte, their main stronghold.