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Al-Ghasry: IS withdraws towards Sirte

Al-Ghasry: Our forces will eliminate the IS and liberate Sirte soon - Internet

The Islamic State (IS) forces have withdrawn towards the city of Sirte, on Tuesday, as Libyan and foreign militants are on infighting, spokesman for the Operation “Al-Bonyan Al-Marsous”, Colonel Mohamed Al-Ghasry, stated.

He asserted that the operation forces are advancing on several fighting axis and are only 25 kilometers away from the city. The operation forces killed and captured many of the IS militants, he added.

Al-Ghasry demanded the residents to hold qualitative operations against the IS militants to force them out of their hideouts so that they can be easily targeted.

Information from the city indicates that the IS bans families from leaving the city to be used as human shields.

IS snipers are on houses and high buildings, burn houses and confiscate people’s properties of citizens.

“Our forces are in Jaref Valley, and battles are ongoing in Al-Btoma axis and Al-Khanafes area, where the IS is centered and Al-Dhaheer west of Sirte,” he said.

Al-Ghasry confirmed that the forces will eliminate this group and liberate the city soon.