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Music professor found dead at home


Music professor in arts and media faculty, Omar Al-Rabty, was announced dead after his body was found in his home where he lives alone.

The official page of the media department announced that Al-Rabty was killed, but it later retracted its remarks. Then it was confirmed that he died 72 hours earlier, and it was a natural death and no killing or torturing on his body at all.

Al- Rabty’s relevant, Najeeb, confirmed the death but didn’t confirm the murder as a reason for death, saying that investigations will uncover all details while a close source uncovered that torture marks were found on Al- Rabty’s body.

Khaled Gholam, Al-Rabty’s colleague, said that he was friendly and had no enmities that may result in him killed.

Al-Rabty presented several artworks for the Libya revolution and received several local and international prizes.