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Vershbow: NATO is ready to help GNA if requested


The NATO Deputy Secretary-General, Alexander Vershbow, said that NATO could decide to help Libya before its summit of next July in Warsaw if the Libyan new government requests the aid.

Vershbow told Reuters that NATO remains ready “to support Libya in building its defense institutions if we get a request from a legitimate government in Libya” Vershbow told Reuters on the sidelines of a NATO arms control conference in Slovenia on Monday.

He added they hope that the Government of National Accord (GNA) can consolidate its control. “If that happens and we get a request, we could respond even before the Warsaw summit,” he said. Vershbow did not talk about the form of help they would take.

In another context, there are efforts to hold talks on providing support for the GNA in Vienna next week.

The meeting will talk about international efforts in how to bring stability to Libya, where two rival governments have vied for power since 2014, opening the way for Islamic State (IS) to establish itself and gain ground in different areas in Libya.