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Al-Getaani calls for suspending Hajj and Umrah


The Libyan Shiekh, Hamad Al-Getaani, called the Islamic institutions and scholars to issue a fatwa to suspend the Hajj and Umrah for the sake of helping and aiding the millions of refugees in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, as it is better and closer to Allah’s bless.

Al-Getaani called, on social media, the Islamic institutions and scholars of the other Muslim countries to follow him and issue the same fatwa.

Al-Getaani referred to statistics and figures showing that Saudi Arabia’s income from Hajj and Umrah reached 62 billion SR in 2012 and 76 billion SR in 2013, confirming that the rate will increase to over 20% in 2020, according to the World Economic Forum.

Al-Getaani explained that these billions of SR can help in solving all of the crisis and in saving food, clothes and places for displaced and refugees to live in a better life than they do.

Al-Getaani asked his violator Sheiks to understand his fatwa before accusing and atoning him, as he is not against the pillars of Islam; adding that they have to recognize the elders, women, and children, who suffer from displacement and poverty.

He said that these people are migrating on dangerous boats through the sea to reach better lives in other safer countries.

Al-Getaani said that in “our Maliki school, even other Islamic schools, there are several reasons for suspending Hajj and Umrah.” Confirming that the rewards of Hajj and Umrah remain in case of the existence of the intention of doing them, even if the person stays home, as long as he spends the money to aid the suffered people.