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Misrata Operations Chamber starts military preparations


Misrata Operations Chamber issued, late Saturday, confirming that it started preparations to defend “the country and religion from Khawarij and Takfiris,” referring to the Islamic State groups (IS).

The statement said that “the chamber formed under the Libyan army supreme command has begun preparations to defend our nation and religion from those named Khawarij and Takfiris, who overshadowed and caused overwhelmed corruption.”

The statement urged all civilians and notable military men to discard divisions and stand united in front of that brutal enemy, and wait for “zero hours to begin military operations.”

In the same context, Misrata hospital media manager, Abdel Aziz Essa, said, Saturday, that three were killed and injured due to landmine explosion east of Al-Sdada gate, at the eastern entrance of Misrata.

The Islamic State group (IS) targeted the positions of Misrata Operations Chamber, Thursday, with a suicidal bomb attack.

From its side, Misrata Municipal Council formed a committee to manage the medical crisis and provide required types of equipment and preparations to face the ongoing events and possible fight against Islamic State.

It said in a statement, via Facebook “the formed committee will manage medical crisis inside the city and take all required actions and potentials across medical facilities and institutions to provide medical services for those injured due to the current events and any possible clashes against IS.”

The committee will be stationed inside Misrata central hospital under direct supervision from Misrata mayor; the municipal council allocated 5000 thousand Dinars for it.