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UAE buys Libyan Oil for arming Haftar



The Libyan Representative to the UN, Ibrahim Dabbashi, said that the Government of National Accord (GNA) refuses all of the attempts to export the Libyan oil, illegally, via the Indian-flagged vessel Distya Ameya.

The vessel came to Marsa El-Hariga from the United Arab Emirates (UAE); it is reportedly owned by Arya Ship Charterers Pvt Ltd and has been charted by UAE-based DSA Consultancy FCZ. Dabbashi said that “we understand that the Distya Ameya was not cleared to load in the Marsa el-Hariga port.

He added that “we are very concerned about Libyan oil purchases outside of traditional channels. The fundamental economic institutions of the Libyan State, like the National Oil Corporation, the Central Bank, and the Libyan Investment Authority, are critical for the future stability and economic welfare of the country”.

Under the Presidential Council (PC) of Government of National Congress (GNA), All purchases of Libyan oil must continue to be through the Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation to maintain the stability and credibility of Libya’s oil in international oil markets.

It is essential to mention that the Security Council announced that the Libyan Oil must be only sold through the Libyan Oil Corporation in Tripoli.

Sources told LIBYAPROSPECT that purchasing Libyan Oil to the UAE through Marsa Al-Hariga is a secret deal between the retired Genera Khalifa Haftar and the UAE.