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Statement: Mitig didn’t ask to clone Turkish experiment


The media bureau of the Deputy President of the Presidential Council (PC), Ahmed Mitig, denied any request from his side to clone the Turkish experiment with the European Union regarding migration crisis.

It said in a statement that “some media outlets handled Mitig visit to Rome with a high ranking delegate from a very narrow scope, trying to empty the visit from its real goals.” The statement confirmed that Mitig is not responsible for any wrong interpretations.

Mitig recently said on his Facebook account that “Libya could use other experiments carried out by the European Union and other states such the Turkish experiment.”

From his side, the European Administration Manager in the Foreign Ministry in Tripoli, Jalal Al-Ashy, escorted Mitig to Rome, confirmed that the visit hadn’t discussed such issues nor resettling African migrants in Libya. Al-Ashy added that they negotiated a cohesive strategy for migration to be applied in transit countries, to activate their full potentials, provide job opportunities and tackle illegal immigration.