Home Reports Military vehicles loaded in Tobruk Port for Haftar forces

Military vehicles loaded in Tobruk Port for Haftar forces


A Saudi-owned ship landed in Tobruk port during the last few days; confirmed information revealed it is brought from United Arab Emirate (UAE). The ship was loaded with 600 military vehicles, and more than 50 armored personal carriers, the cargo supposed to arrive in a military camp called Emdad, affiliated to the retired General Khalifa Haftar, south Tobruk.

Security sources inside Tobruk, and staff inside the city port said that the vehicles and carriers were loaded with arms and ammunition. The arrival of such cargo coincided with a major offensive by Haftar forces in Benghazi using tanks, military vehicles, and high firing intensity forced Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council to retreat from northern and western positions, specifically from Gar Yunis and Al-Hawary area.

The arrival of the military cargo was few days after the arrival of the Gaddafi regime official, Tayeb Al-Safi to Tobruk through eastern borders with Egypt. It is known that Al-Safi stayed in Dubai after fleeing Libya in 2011, and has close relations with Emirates officials supporting Haftar. After returning to Libya, Al-Safi visited Haftar in Marj, east of Benghazi, along with two intelligent Egyptians officers.

Sources from Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council revealed that the French troops were supporting Haftar, positioned in Benena, south Benghazi, left their spots, two weeks ago, and repositioned in other places. Other confirmed intelligence said that the troops left the eastern region and went back to France, for vague reasons.

The Security Council previously issued a resolution imposing arms embargo over Libya due to disputes between Libyan factions and armed conflict in the east.