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7 countries and EU welcome HoR members’ decision


the ambassadors and envoys of France, the European Union (EU), Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Britain, and America have welcomed, in a statement, the decision by 101 members of the House of Representatives (HoR), to hold a session soon in Libya, despite “the unacceptable threats to stop the HoR from upholding its historic role” and as the protector of the Libyan democracy.

The statement valued the courage of the HoR members, who expressed support to the Government of National Accord (GNA). “We commend their commitment to implement the Political Agreement and welcome their endorsement of the GNA and their call for efforts to expand participation and consensus across Libya,” it stated.

It called on the Presidential Council (PC) and the ministries’ council to do their roles through a rapid, peaceful handover of power, encouraging the PC to take more urgent steps to respond to Libyans’ needs.

They renewed their countries’ persistence to cooperate with the GNA as the sole legitimate representative of Libya, in coordination with the UN resolution 2259 and the support of the African Union, Arab League, the Islamic Conference Organization and the neighboring countries to the Presidential Council.