Home News IS flee their spots in Al-Fataeh near Derna

IS flee their spots in Al-Fataeh near Derna


Sources stated that fighters of the Islamic State group (IS), ran away on Wednesday from their former strongholds of Al-Fataeh and the 400 neighborhood areas near the city of Derna.

Witnesses told Al-Wasat website that tens of cars headed to Al-Mekhily south then took road 200 towards Ajdabiya. Some residents said that air forces caused damages to the motorcade and passengers.

Residents of both neighborhoods returned to their homes. Clashes went on the past two days, where the fighters of Derna Revolutionaries Shura Council sieged the IS fighters before they ran away.

The IS grip has loosened remarkably since the uprising of residents in June 2015 and siege on the group in both neighborhoods.