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Statement of the Consultative Meeting in Cairo


In the light of the tragic status of Libya and the crisis felt by its citizens due to the political conflict, inability to reach consensus amongst Libyans and in atmospheres of obstacles ahead of the Political Agreement that signed by several factors after a year of difficult negotiations.

Breaching the Political Agreement, creating fait accompli on the ground, away from the public interest and commitment to the agreement, like inaugurating the consultative State Council or the Presidential Council (PC) appointing ministers before the government is endorsed by the House of Representatives (HoR), which is not fulfilling its commitments towards people, and the agreement and the signers, as it fails to hold a session, all became clear in the Libyan political scene.

This all increases the lack of trust between the Libyan actors and endangers the Political Agreement and the unity of the nation, especially in the last hours of completing consensus and forming the Government of National Accord (GNA) that looks after citizens’ interests rather than any political group.

Based on all of that, we believe that the time has come to, immediately, stop all clashes, winning illusions and irresponsible reactions that only lead to losses for everybody.

The lengthy and pitter conflict has proven that no team can solely rule the country along what is left of the transitional period and that the illusion of a single winner has vanished since the first phases of this conflict, as the aspired winner is the Libyan people. The real war is against terrorist groups that we make it favors every day with our irresponsible practices.

The group of the Consultative Meeting would like to assert on the following focal points:

1-    We demand the HoR chief to invite formally all members and the members of the PC to attend its session, the PC should attend Monday’s government endorsement session with its all members, swear in after being endorsed. No members shall pass the session unless for a legal excuse that is accepted by the HoR. The three institutions mentioned in the agreement must exchange recognition. In efforts to complete the PC, Omar Al-Aswad and Ali Al-Qatrany shall be asked to re-hold their roles in the PC to embrace consensus and to activate it. In the meantime, the HoR chief must issue strict and clear instructions to the presidential guards of the HoR to guarantee the safety of members of the Presidential Council and the HoR members, who will attend the session.

2-    All signers of the Political Agreement shouldn’t count on the international support solely to pass the GNA and to realize that the international community can’t do the Libyans’ job. The important, necessary and needed international support for the GNA must be parallel to a real consensual status without falling into the trap of blackmail by extremists of any camp.

3-    The HoR members who support or oppose the GNA should move fast and avoid delays and without unneeded speeches about the democratic right of disruption, whether from those who disrupted the vote on the government by sabotaging the sessions or by searching for guarantees as delaying in this case is unpatriotic stance that leads to paralyze the lives of citizens who are eagerly awaiting the decision of their council. Eyes of Libyans and the whole world will be set on Tobruk. We hope this will be the motive for the HoR members to assume their responsibilities and do their part.

4-    We believe that the HoR must cling to its rights and do its duties in the same time. It should use its right to object to any of the ministers chosen by the PC following the laws and bylaws and to do its national duty invested in it by voters to save the country from division through voting positively on the government and endorsing it to be able to carry out urgent and pressing duties towards the citizens in an atmosphere of real consensus that helps it to work. It is also extremely important to have representatives who are responsible enough to achieve full attendance quorum necessary to conduct the constitutional amendment, and include the Political Agreement in it to preserve the democratic path.

5-    The political talks’ committee which still forms the sole background for factors concerning the agreement to uphold its role or urgent convention to settle any dispute concerning any breaches till completing the building of the institutions mentioned in the agreement. It should announce its clear stance concerning any breaches to prevent it being repeated by any actor. It shouldn’t turn to fears of its division once convened, as it will be divided if it doesn’t convene and would have breached its role too.  We hope that the United Nations special envoy, Martin Kobler, to be extra sensitive towards any breach of the agreement or to form a political body of state institutions out of the frames stipulated in the agreement, as happened when members of the General National Congress (GNC), declared the State Council in Tripoli, while other members in Benghazi try to declare their own.

Finally, we appeal, in all means and ways, to all Libyan politicians, especially the members of the HoR, to call their patriotism, their duty before God, the nation and in front of citizens, and to rise above any spoils or gains in short time government, and leave to their children and grandchildren something to be proud of their biographies. As vulnerable to hunger have no more space to witness political debates or slogans that appear to care about nation but in fact are about gains and spoils in closed rooms.

May Allah bless Libya.

The Consultative Meeting in Cairo 16/4/2016