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ROC accuses Justice and Construction and GNC


Libya Revolutionaries Operations Chamber (ROC), in Tripoli, said that it is silently watching events fabricate liquidity crisis and prices hikes, that led to the collapse of state institutions for political purposes.

The Chamber added, in a statement, that “those vying for power, especially Justice and Construction Party controlling state financial regulatory systems, are responsible for prices hikes that starving citizens, and the increased Dollar prices in black markets”.

The statement also blamed the General National Congress (GNC) and the Salvation Government for the current political futility and the collapse of state institutions.

The Chamber decisively refused what it called “the leaping de – facto Government of National Accord (GNA), for the absence of consensus among parties of dialogue,” accusing it of causing splits and divisions and violating the political draft.

The statement announced support to the Libyan Dar Fatwa concerning the dialogue and unity government.

The Chamber also criticized what it called “losers who have no receivables who gathered in violation to the political deal and announced the formation of State Council”.