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El-Majbary meets activists of the east Libyan region


The Deputy Chief of the Presidential Council (PC), Fathy El-Majbary, met in Al-Baida city with a group of activists and public opinion leaders in eastern side of Libya.

In the meeting held on Sunday, El-Majbary insisted that supporting the Libyan army in its war against terrorism isn’t negotiable in addition to Libya’s unity, sovereignty, and the civil and democratic state.

The official page of the Presidential Council on Facebook elaborated that the meeting inspected the matters of social justice amongst Libya’s 3 regions, decentralization, dismantling militias, rebuilding the army and police, in addition to work mechanism of the Presidential Council and consensus spirit it needs.

For days, El-Majbary has been holding consultations with political and social leaders and activists in east Libya to speak about the Government of National Accord (GNA), and supporting it amid current situations.