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Al-Sour: Bin Nayel released without informing us


The head of investigations at the Attorney General’s Bureau, Seddiq Al-Sour, said that the release of the former regime official, Mohamed Bin Nayel, was executed without informing the Attorney General, pointing that “Bin Nayel files are still open. Judiciary hasn’t yet issued any final provision, as he wasn’t handed over to the Attorney General in Tripoli for investigations”, according to a statement from the media bureau.

The statement said that “the release of Bin Nayel has been carried within social detainees’ exchange”.

It is worth mentioning that the release of Bin Nayel came within an operation of swapping prisoners between Misrata and El-Magarha tribe on 4th April. Bin Nayel was wanted to the judiciary since 2011, accused of different charges, including political assassinations for opponents of the former regime, Abu Salim prison massacre, and 17th February events, involving in the try of the assassination of the former Tunisian Prime Minister, Hadi Nowera, and the attack on the Tunisian Gafsa city on orders from Gaddafi.