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Shuaib: Cairo meeting was announced in press conference


The first deputy of the chief of the House of Representatives (HoR), Emhmd Shuaib, said that social media got it wrong concerning what happened in the meeting between the HoR chief, his deputies and the chief of the Presidential Council (PC) in Cairo.

He told Al-Wasat Website that what took place in the meeting was announced in a media conference and this information is the only right representation of the meeting outcomes.

The announcement, he said, stated that the HoR presidency has, due to its tasks in the HoR’s bylaws, to present the cabinet represented by the Ministries’ Council and vote on it, amend the Constitutional Declaration to include the Political Agreement in it, demanding the UN envoy to hold a session for talks’ team to discuss the latest developments and declaring the State Council, which is a breach of article 64, issuing a statement to denounce sanctions on the HoR chief and calling for its lifting, and calling the Ministries’ Council to consulate with the HoR presidency.

A meeting was held in Cairo between Ageela Saleh, Shuaib, and the second deputy, Hameed Homa.

Shuaib called on all parties to verify facts, otherwise things will get more complicated and hinder consensus.