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IS detains elders from Al-Furjan tribe


The Islamic State (IS) arrested some elders from Al-Furjan tribe, Tuesday, in Sirte, which is under the group control since June 2015.

Local sources told Al-Wasat Website, that the IS police elements arrested Salem Al-Furjani, Salama Bin Rajab Al-Furjani, from Al-Furjan tribe, both detained inside the group headquarter.

“Salama Bin Rajab is one relative of the Salafist group commander in Sirte, Khaled Bin Rajab, Qortoba mosque Imam, from Al-Furjan tribe and killed by the IS last August, which sparked sever clashes between the group and Salafist group, helped by Al-Furjan tribe affiliated to Jalet battalion and armed men from Gaddafi tribe”, sources said.

The Islamic State (IS) exploited its control over most main smuggling roads in Libya to establish relations with smuggler networks, to strengthen its ranks and recruit new fighters from migrants, and also increase its financial revenues.

With the increase of migrants in Libya, reached 100 thousand, the IS exploited the situation and used people smuggling to raise required money and recruit new fighters, reported CNN.

Different media reports cited that terrorist groups inside Libya, especially the IS, draw force and financial support from smuggling networks and migrants trade.