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Al-Shater: State Council accepted PA as it is


The member of the General National Council (GNC), Abdul-Rahman Al-Shater, stated that the Political Agreement (PA) signed in Skhirat is complete and any breach of it means its collapse from roots.

“Skhirat agreement is inseparable, none of the 3 bodies is able to take what it wants and leave the rest. This is a breach of the PA and takes us to square one and means its collapse from roots”, he told a newspaper.

He added that any modifications on the Constitutional Declaration concerning the PA or any of stemming bodies must be made through the House of Representatives (HoR) and the State Council.

Al-Shater stated that the session by the State Council had politically embarrassed the HoR members, as national interest and consensus spirit dictates them to hold a full quorum session to cut the road ahead of those who refuse the PA.

He elaborated that the State Council had already expressed commitment to the PA with all its articles without exclusions.