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US: IS fighters in Libya doubled within 18 months


US forces Africa commander, General David Rodriguez, said, Thursday night, that the Islamic States (IS) fighters in Libya doubled during the last year and half, reached 4-6 thousand fighters.

He added, to reporters in Pentagon, that “the IS fighters in Libya lie between four and six thousand fighters, the figure doubled within 18 months”, pointing that the IS expansion in Libya is much more harder than Syria and Iraq.

“It is probable that the group might some day control part of Libyan lands, but for now we are not worried about that, as it lacks local fighters who know the land well as in Syria and Iraq”, said Rodriguez.

What makes it harder for Jihadists in Libya, according to Rodrigues, is that Libyan militias don’t like foreign parties to intervene in their own affairs.

Concerning foreign military intervention in Libya against the IS, he said that “it depends on the request from the Government of National Accord (GNA)”.