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The PA and the patriotic commitments


By: Fadel Lamen*

While we keep presenting the Political Agreement (PA) that

Fadel Lamen
Fadel Lamen

resulted from the UN-sponsored talks as the best solution for ending the Libyan crisis and division, we would like to assert on the co-supportive points of this agreement and call on all actors, who are part of this agreement and signed it, to commit to it and not to deal with it in any sort of selectivity.

We would like to call them to sense its national responsibility in front of this agreement and ending trials of obstructing it.

The outcomes of the Political Agreement (PA) concentrated on creating the maximum available level of the national consensus and continuing to create suitable positive atmosphere to reach its ideal level through positive and responsible practice, and keening on not to breach the PA or explaining it, according to interests, may lead to obstructing what have been achieved till now.

The agreement resulted in 3 clear authorities with clear responsibilities:

The Presidential Council (PA) “executive authority”

The House of Representatives (HoR) “legislative authority”

The State council “consultative authority”

It asserted at the same time on the role of judiciary, as independent authority, that has to be supported and activated and protecting its independence.

For the sake of success, every authority mustn’t exceed its powers arena and do its work well, in order not to leave a space for flaws in implementing the Political Agreement that will keep the suffer going for the nation and people.

The agreement set for each authority tasks and timed work plans that are connected to other parts of the agreement, which made it synchronized. So any skipping by any authority to the map isn’t less dangerous than failure of any authority in holding its roles.

Thank God that an important part of the agreement was implemented due to patience and cooperation amongst all parties, and to keep this positive – sometimes hard – progress going, all parties should have the highest level of responsibility.

Any party who tries to obstruct the agreement for temporary, self or partisan interest, will find himself in front of the will of Libyan people who are bored of suffer, division, and abuse that became characteristics of current stage.

This means that the HoR members have to respond to the house chief and to go to Tobruk with no delay to do their work based on powers granted by the agreement, which the HoR endorsed.

The HoR is the sole Libyan legitimate body that has the right to legislate by the power of the agreement, and any trial to obstruct it is considered a breach of the agreement and obstruction of the journey of creating economic, political, security and social stability in Libya.

In this context, the HoR chief, his Dewan and relevant authorities must provide the safe, honest, free of threat and sincerest atmosphere. This is considered as the main roles of parliamentary work and presidency roles.

The Presidential Council (PC) must continuously cooperate and communicate with the HoR to aid it in its work and implementing the Political Agreement.

The HoR will continue to be the legislative partner of the executive authority like all legislative authorities’ work around the world in accordance with democracy.

People who work on founding the State Council must commit to the Political Agreement, concerning tasks, responsibilities, time and executive plan, so that the agreement isn’t preached.

Tasks and responsibilities of the State Council are cleared in the Political Agreement in articles 19 to 25 and in annex 3 that specify the general rules of its work.

While we assert on it, being one of the 3 authorities stipulated in the Political Agreement and welcome preliminary session to start its work, we assert the importance of committing to articles about it in the agreement and annex.

We realize delay, sometimes procrastination, that prevailed the HoR sessions, but this doesn’t mean allowing any other authority to act beyond its roles, to interfere the work of the HoR.

The consensual political balance, which the political agreement is built on, doesn’t allow such interference.

In such matter, we call on all actors of the Political Agreement to keep away from methods of issuing announcements and giving press remarks that can only increase heat in ways that won’t solve disputed matters and obstruct reaching needed national consensus in these hard moments.

The good thing is that everyone in his spot has achieved good progress with challenges and difficulties that face our country. We should all hold up high the interest of the country and people and ahead of everything.

*The Chairman of Libyan National Dialogue Commission

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source