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Mitig: GNA is receiving power smoothly


The Vice President of the Presidential Council (PA), Ahmed Mitig, said, Thursday night, the Government of National Accord (GNA) is smoothly receiving power from the Salvation Government in Tripoli, confirming that the GNA is currently managing the state’s supreme affairs.

Mitig told Al-Arabi TV the GNA hadn’t seen any cling to power by the Salvation Government ministries, adding that “they are offering support despite the objection of their chairman Khalifa Al-Ghwail, who demanded to hand over power through the General National Congress (GNC)”.

Mitig considered powers transmission after two years of negotiations “accomplishment”. Confirmed that “despite distrust inside the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk, but we are insistent to work under its legitimacy, the Presidential Council (PC) is waiting for the HoR to hold full quorum session to endorse the unity government, headed by Fayez Al-Sarraj”.

Concerning security annexes in the political accord, Mitig pointed to agreements with “armed militias to stay inside its positions”, confirming that “any armed militia won’t control the government during the coming phase, which will include the integration of all militias in military forces able to fight terrorism, and force them out of all Libyan cities”.

“The unity government insists to implement all articles of the political accord, its first priority is the national consensus, uniting all state institution and fighting terrorism with international help”, said Mitig, stressing their rejection to any foreign intervention.

Mitig called all factions inside Libya to strain any escalations, self control, adding that “there is no complete consensus, reconciliation doesn’t necessarily mean full harmony”.