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IS threatens GNA with Enghemasea (Immersion operation)



The Islamic State group (IS) imposed itself at the center of scenes the same time the president and members of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) arrived in Tripoli, by announcing war against the government describing it “Crusaders Government”.

This comes while the group continued, over a whole year, its twisted terrorist activities inside the city of Sirte to empower its claimed “Emirate” and issued “the death list” included officers and revolutionaries and “Libya Dawn”, organized inspection campaigns on Mobile phones and personal identities, distributed handbills forcing citizens to attend dawn prayers daily, started training sessions for school students, aged 13- 20, inside nearby camp in Harawa, according to a report by Al-Wasat Website (translated by LIBYAPROSPECT).

After the arrival of the Presidential Council (PC) in the capital Tripoli, citizens told Al-Wasat website that Abu-Abdullah Al-Masri, responsible for what is called Islamic court, vowed from inside one mosque in Sirte “to burn Tripoli that is full of Mujahedeen and Enghemasien”.

(Enghemasien) is a new definition, recently used by terrorist groups, means fighting element with high skills and light arms, wearing explosive belt, he fights until ammunition run out then explode himself.

The report said that in the meantime, the IS issued two lists, one named “Death List” included names against whom the Islamic Court issued sentenced. The list included 34 names, mostly outside the city, some are police and army officers, revolutionaries, civil officials and elements at “Libya Dawn”.

The second list included 46 names, all face provisions ranging from imprisonment, flogging and amputation. Local sources said that the two lists were put at the entrance of the Islamic court (IS) in the city of Sirte, some accused are held captives by the group, according to the report.

In the same context, the IS elements organized inspection campaigns in Jaref, Khamsin gate, west of Sirte, confiscating mobile phones and personal identities for cars and passers.

One local source told Al-Wasat Website that “Tunisian element inspected him and searched through his phone, restoring all deleted images and videos using special programers, searching through Facebook, any loaded pages and internal memory of mobile phones and laptops”.

Source added that the IS has “Y-Max” and laptop at its check point stationed at Khamsin gate, pointing that “the group is seeking to pressure citizens of Sirte to flee and leave the city for the group to control all houses and buildings”. Sources said air strikes recently targeted the IS positions killing and injuring some elements.

According to the report, the IS is holding obligatory religious sessions for women inside mosques, next week, starting from age 13.

In the same context, the IS changed the name of Ibn Sina hospital to Oqba Bin Nafea hospital. Source told Al-Wasat Website that the IS hanged a sign with the new name and divisions, under the name “Welayet Tripoli, Oqba Bin Nafea hospital”.

The group also took over a farm owned by the official in the former regime, Ahmed Al-Guhsy Gaddafi, in the out strikes of Sirte, the IS elements also forced Al-Guhsy family out of their homes, three big houses, hanged signboard saying “the Islamic State”.

The report said that the IS also took over different houses, cars and animals (camels) belong to residents in the out strikes of Sirte, including Al-Guhsy, pilot Faraj Zargaa, Tarshany family and others from Gaddafi tribe. The houses were handed over to the IS families, including fighters from Sudan, Chad and Nigeria. Inside intelligence revealed that Chechen commander and other foreign fighters arrived in Sirte using convoy of vehicles.

The Islamic State (IS) fighters continued assaults against citizens’ properties, stole their cars and belongings, based on false claims like “collecting Zakah or taxes” or claiming that owners are cooperating with other opposing groups, according to the report.

A source told Al-Wasat Website that “the IS took over 700 sheep, one Toyota vehicle owned by MaraJaa Meshry Bahijy in Nufalya”.

Given security situation in Nufalya, the sources asked to remain anonymous, he said that the group detained the owner’s nephew, interrogating him longly.

Residents in Bin Jawad said that the IS steal and take over properties of inhabitants who fled the city.

In Sirte, local sources said that the group began combat sessions to train school students, aged between 13 and 20 inside a camp in Harawa. Sources added that the camp is located inside a farm owned by former officer in Gaddafi regime, include about 100 students undergoing training on weapons and explosives, by Tunisian, Somalian and Libyan commanders. All students joined the camp after their parents’ consent.

In Misrata, security sources said that clashes erupted between the IS elements and affiliates to Misrata Shield Forces, using heavy weaponry, no damages resulted.