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IS prepare to attack and control Al-Jufra


While the Government of National Accord (GNA) continues expanding its power over the country, sources said that the Islamic State (IS) is preparing for major attack to control Al-Jufra, as preparations are on to attack the oil rich Al-Jurfa, the strategic key to the south rich with oil, gas and water.

The sources, asked to remain anonymous, told Al-Bayan, that the IS elements are storming inhabitants houses on daily basis searching for any army or security affiliates, and arrested former military and security officers.

According to the same sources, the IS executed, on Wednesday, two brothers, Ahmed and Mohamed Mukhtar Loody Maadany, for fighting against the group.

Executions by the IS elements continue, patrols stop cars and passers to confiscate Mobile phones, searching for any information prove their affiliation to the former regime or the army.