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Al-Swehly is the chairman of the State Council

Al-Swehly won with 53 votes to become the chairman of State Council - Internet

The State Council members in Tripoli elected, in the second session, Wednesday, Abdul-Rahman Al-Swehly, as the president for the State Council.

The session was aired via television channels. The race was limited between Al-Swehly and Belgasem Qzeat. Al-Swehly won with 53 votes, while Qzeat gained 26 votes only.

Earlier Wednesday, the meeting that held by the General National Congress (GNC), which became the State Council as stated in the Libyan Political Agreement, ended without electing the chairman, due to disagreements about nominated personals.

Some members nominated Al-Swehly and Saleh Makhzoum, while member Naji Mukhtar expressed his “displeasure for the refusal to assign presidency to a south region member”.

Mukhtar said, in media statement, the meeting discussed inviting eastern region members to attend to Tripoli and participate in the session.

On Tuesday,the State Council held its first session and voted unanimously to modify the Constitutional declaration of the political accord.