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US and Qatar discuss efforts to support GNA


The United States Foreign Secretary, John Kerry, said that US and Qatar have many shared interests, including the efforts to secure a government in Libya, as it is “something that we have also talked about”, Kerry said while welcoming the Qatari Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Thani, in Washington DC, on Monday.

“I want to thank the Emir of Qatar and Sheikh Mohammed for their significant efforts to help us in these last days to get a government into Libya, and to join us in affirming the legitimacy of this government and the importance of people coming together for the sake of Libya to be able to provide security, and also to restore governance and diminish the current influence of Daesh in Libya”, Kerry stated.

From his side, Al-Thani said that he is visiting United States to discuss how to face terrorism in the middle east and north africa regions, including Libya.

Al-Thani said that “we are here together to discuss the threat of the growing phenomena of terrorism”.

He added that he is visiting US to “introduce the approach of combating terrorism should be holistically by defeating the act of terror and addressing the root causes of the terrorism politically, socially, and economically”.