Home Reports Misrata to exchange prisoners with Al-Magarha tribe

Misrata to exchange prisoners with Al-Magarha tribe


The chief of committee for observing prisoners in Misrata local council, Mohamed Essa, announced wrapping up an agreement between notables and sheikhs of Al-Magarha tribe to exchange prisoners, including colonel Mohamed Bin-Nael.

He stated that the agreement stipulated releasing 16 detainees in Misrata in exchange for 6 Misrata youth, who are detained in Al-Zintan.

Bin-Nael is a military leader who formed brigade 241 last March to expel the third force out of Brak Al-Shati air base. The third force arrested him in April last year and was handed over to the prosecutor general in Misrata.

On another side, the chief of the social committee in Al-Zintan city, Ammar Abu-Kraa, called on all tribes to release the detainees and opening a new leaf of brotherhood.