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Disputes between GNC and HoR on endorsing GNA



Member of the State Council (SC), Al-Ejealy Bu-Steal, stated that the SC has agreed after majority vote in its first session, on Tuesday, to modify the Constitutional Declaration in relation to the Political Agreement.

Bu-Steal explained that the members voted in full quorum after the House of Representatives (HoR) failed to convene to endorse the amendment.

The 65th article of the Political Agreement referred to amending the declaration without referring to the legitimate party of doing so.

The Deputy Chief of the local governing in the General National Council (GNC), Abdullah Jwan, said that 93 members attended the voting. Presidency of the council was handed over to the oldest member, Abdul-Rahman Al-Shater, till a president is elected.

Jwan called on the members of the HoR, who support the Government of National Accord (GNA) to follow the plan of the GNC members, and hold a session to amend the Constitutional Declaration and grant confidence to the GNA. He said that more than 70% of opposing members have rejoined the GNC, which is a positive indication.

He said that earlier decision by the GNC to impeach come members is illegal.

In another development, the Judiciary Minister in the Interim Government of the HoR, Al-Mabrouk Grera, said that such modification is the competency of the HoR and the Presidential Council (PC) must consider this.

In comment of the voting session, he stated that the PC must attend in the HoR session before starting its work.

He considered that any work by the State Council is illegal, stressing that the HoR government is the only legitimate government.

From his side, the HoR member, Tareq Al-Joroushi, said that the HoR wants to hand over the power to the Supreme Judicial Council, considering the Government of National Accord (GNA) illegitimate, in case it ignored the HoR.

Al-Joroushi said that the HoR will raise legal appeal against the legitimacy of the GNA, adding that opposed parliamentarians will demand to hand over power to the Supreme Judicial Council. He pointed that east region of Libya (Barqa) will acquire autonomy.

According to Al-Joroushi, the speech of the HoR President, Ageela Saleh, is consistent with most Barqa residents and opponents of the GNA, considering that the unity government is “just a conspiracy against Libya by the west led by American administration and British intelligence”.

The HoR is preparing for a session to vote on the unity government, next week. 101 confirmed their willingness to endorse the GNA.

The HoR’s last session, late February, witnessed chaos and arguments between the National Sovereignty Block, led by eastern region members and Barqa, as they refused to vote only after guaranteeing the inviolability of the Armed Forces General Command, and Barqa historical rights.