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PC meets mayors of south and west regions


The chief and members of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), convened with the mayors of western and south municipalities in Tripoli on Sunday evening.

The mayors of the cities of Tarhouna, Al-Shwirf, Morzoq, Wady Al-Bawanees, Alqorda Al-Shati, Sabratha, Misrata, Gherian, Al-Zawya, Al-Zawya gharb, Al-Jmail, Regdaleen, Zolton, Al-Ejilat, Al-Mashashia, Qasr Khiar, Al-Khoms, Msellata, Tawergha, Brak Al-Shati, Wadi Atba, Ghat, Zuwara, and Sirte, convened to discuss new ideas to enable the municipalities to do their roles.

The mayors welcomed the arrival of the PC to Tripoli, while the PC stressed that it is keen on kneeling difficulties ahead of citizens, considering affairs of the displaced and providing the main services.