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IS and Migration bring back stability to Libya


By: Hani Habib* 

Here Libya, one of the tension spots in the Arab world, goes with

Hani Habib
Hani Habib

possibilities of solutions, disorders, armed tribes, and extremist organizations.

Libya has reached a new tough start that is necessary for getting rid of killing, division, lack of stability and division possibilities after several trials which Arab, local and international parties took part in that weren’t of success.

But this time, things look different on the horizon, the international community has become more persistent to intervene in Libya to end the state of instability, not for love in Libyans but because European countries have interests in saving Libya from killing and instability.

These interests are tied to 2 main titles; the first is summarized in the expand of armed Islamist movements, especially the Islamic State (IS) that is taking Libya reciprocal spot after its possible closure to Iraq and Syria.

The IS couldn’t move to Yemen even it is an active conflict zone, because Al-Qaeda is in control there. The tribal atmosphere, division and repercussions of Libya’s spring make its lands a good haven for the IS.

If the IS was just a local dark force whose threat is only where it exists, the west might have felt any need to demolish the group, but the IS proved to be interested to expand beyond Iraq and Syria.

If it derives “victory” from immigrants from Western countries, these are being prepared “to return” from where they came from, to consolidate the IS bloody values.

What Western capitals have witnessed recently; Paris and Brussels of the IS bloody waves, is the clearest evidence that the risk of this artificial IS state isn’t bounded by limits of state.

For that, demolishing Libyan IS isn’t escapable to guarantee the western interests, especially after latest accomplishments of weakening this group in Iraq and Syria. The IS surge towards the west in bloody manner as substitute for its loss will push towards embracing the other possibility in Libya, where this state can regain its lost potentials in Syria and Iraq.

The second title behind the international intervention to restore security and stability is the migration. It has become a threat to western communities. If this issue has gained significance as a result of the Syrian events, but the waves of migration from the African continent, a traditional migrations going on apart from wars and crises, as it is economic migrations, the length of the Libyan coast, and the lack of authority of the state, make these migrations a permanent threat to Western societies.

The existence of a strong central state in Libya that controls the borders can stop the migration or at least can decrease it.

For these 2 reasons, the western society and its political leaders stand behind forming the Government of National Accord (GNA), after several rounds in Morocco, in which several clashes were solved after threats, were made to local powers of different backgrounds in Libya of taking measures and imposing sanctions that will halt all their political, weaponry and financial support and arresting their leaders.

That is why when the GNA arrived in Tripoli from Tunisia, unexpectedly; it found popular support, as a rescue government. Opposition forces in Tobruk and Tripoli decreased its opposition, Tripoli government also announced that it will take the course of peaceful opposition and won’t hold up arms.

There is no doubt that restoring stability in Libya and enabling the GNA to control the country will be faced by many difficulties, but population, which eases the way towards rescue from division and militias, as well as the neighboring countries that concerned about the stability of Libya, will support the GNA.

In all cases and despite the western interests in this development, it certainly serves the interests of the brotherly Libyan people and all the peoples in region, looking forward to stability and peace, as the alternative is what we have seen of the predominance of the forces of terrorism, especially those forge the religion and make it a background for its bloody manner.

*A Palestinian Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source