Home Reports 5 killed in clashes with IS in Marada

5 killed in clashes with IS in Marada


A military source, inside Marada battalion operation room for protecting oil fields (Marada and Zalla), stated that 5 were killed and 7 wounded in clashes with the Islamic State group (IS), in Qarat Jahannam (50 km west Marada municipality), late on Saturday.

The source told Al-Wasat website that the battalion lost 5 members named Abdul-Malik Al-Sharif Boukhres, Saad Jebril Mersal, Ali Mohamed Khalifa, Ahmed Mosbah Al-Werfally, and Abdulatif Momen Al-Zwawy.

Other 7 were wounded named Mohamed Hussein Al-Sweh, Foad Mohamed Nasr, Moftah Mahdy Al-Zarrog, Khalifa Mohamed Bou-Bakr, Haitham Ahmed Bou-Zeneb, Khalifa Jebril Bou-Ramadan, and Mohamed Al-Naas Al-Hishy.

He asserted that several damages happened in the lines of the IS, but refused to uncover them. He added that weapons were confiscated from the IS group in the municipality.

Clashes still on, in disconnected manner, between the battalion and its supporters and the IS in attacks started after the group retreated from outskirts of Al-Baida 47 oil field, and Tepesti oil field belonging to “Al-Horoj” company.

The battalion lost connection with some soldiers, while others are back in the clashes scene to reorganize lines.