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IS publishes photos of its judicial activity in Sirte


The Islamic State group (IS), which has been controlling Sirte within what is called Tripoli state, published photos from inside the so-called Islamic court and execution of some judgments entitled “establishing religion”, the Observatory website reports.

Photos showed group affiliates cutting hand of one resident and lashing another and executing a third person for accusations of theft, adultery and apostasy and supporting the tyrants.

Sources inside Sirte assert that photos were taken this week. Foreign judges and different nationality persons work in the court.

The IS’s publication noted that money is being gathered under the title of Zakat. Money is thought to be used to fund the IS’s activities and pay salaries for its militants.

Photos exposed activities of court, “Hesbah” office, and repentance office that receive security, financial and managerial workers who repent in exchange for safety.