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IS builds cornerstones of its Emirate in Sirte



The Islamic State group (IS), in Sirte, is working on several fronts to root its control by killing, taxes, holding courses in mosques amongst youth, which lashing is the punishment for passing it.

The group has even founded its own police and court to control the city’s residents. Al-Wasat website reported, LIBYAPROSPECT is translating for its readers.

The group has forced youth and men between 15 and 60 years old to attend courses in mosques that focus on accusing the army of disbelief and the necessity of fighting it, the group ordered people to attend courses in mosques in Sirte, Abu-Hadi, Harawa, Bin-Jawad, Al-Nouflia and Jaref.

The report stated that the group held a seminar last month that targeted children, in which a number of group leaders lectured; Abu-Hamman Al-Masry, Julaibib Al-Yamany, Al-Modather Al-Jazrawy, Abu-Yahia Al-Tunsy, and Waleed Al-Furjany.

It continued that Al-Hesba members, who are foreign nationals, break into houses and force people to follow their orders. Inside sources confirm that the group had cut hands of 150 people.

The group killed Ahmed Mohamed Al-Sty Al-Furjany, who refused the so called repentance, who was detained 3 months earlier. The group also killed 2 people alleging that they belong to the army.

Al-Hesba leader in Sirte, who is Sudanese national, ordered to demolish shrines, even the ones of the martyrs of the battles with Italian invaders of last century.

Sources in the city told Al-Wasat website that the group warned it will target whoever celebrates the Independence Day, noting that schools will run normally in this days mandatorily.

The group executed 2 youth, called Ismael Saad Al-Tomy Al-Furjany, who was captured in clashes last August, and Amjad Mohamed Bin-Sasi Al-Misraty, in the martyrs square by firing squad.

Several youths were captured for allegations of affiliations to Salafism and not repenting. A Source told Al-Wasat website that the group intends to execute a number of people, in accordance with verdicts from the Islamist Sharia court affiliated to the group, the group is believed to plan to execute a number of Salafists.

In front of such crimes, the international organization (UN) stands helpless, it can only speak of crimes happening on the ground in Libya.

The latest report was presented by the United Nations’ experts, who stated that the IS managed to expand its control in Sirte; it recruited a large number of foreigners and Libyans. It warned of its control over weaponry stores. They stated that the group increases the level of international and regional interference, which may increase polarization, in case of lack of coordination.

Hardliners in the city allege that they are the defence line against any foreign military intervention in Libya.

“Libya has become attractive for foreign fighters, who arrive mainly through Sudan, Tunisia and Turkey”, the experts say.