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Faraj and Qzeet support the PC


The General National Congress (GNC) member, Moussa Faraj, said that the arrival of the Presidential Council (PC) in Tripoli is “turning point in the course of Libyan crisis, despite that different parties have some reservations concerning the political resolution brokered by the United Nations mission in Skhirat”.

Faraj told Al-Wasat website that “circumstances and dangers surrounding the country make it wise to give a chance to the government to start working and resolve problems facing the country and citizens regarding security and economics”.

“The importance of the unity government is uniting supreme state authorities, control borders and fighting terrorism. The Presidential Council (PC) should work to expand national reconciliation, create positive atmosphere to restore citizens’ confidence in state institutions, inspired by February revolution” said Faraj.

The GNC member demanded all institutions emanating from the political resolution to contribute in achieving prober circumstances to empower the government.

The State Council member, Abul-Gasem Qzeet said that the “Presidential Council (PC) entry into Tripoli without bloodshed is a good step for them”.

He mentioned, to Al-Wasat website, Wednesday night that “the government has a lot of work to do, economic and humanitarian situation need quick resolutions, we say for those opposing, it is the government for everyone, they are our family and partners”.

He said that “the State Council is getting ready to hold the first official session, next week, it is likely to be at Riksos hall” Qzeet said, calling State Council members to “participate in the responsibility of the coming phase to accomplish the required balance in the political process”.

Concerning the Mufti Sadeq Gheryani’s statements, Qzeet said “what the Mufti said unequivocally indicates that he didn’t read the agreement thoroughly enough, as his approach is faulted, we think that his company misunderstands the political reality, but deliberately mislead the Mufti for suspicious purposes”.