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Winer: Power should be handed peacefully to GNA


United Sates envoy to Libya, Jonathan Winer, said that Libya Political Dialogue called on the Government of National Accord (GNA) to move to Tripoli, urging all parties to begin orderly & peaceful handover of power.

He expressed his concern by reports air traffic in Tripoli deliberately closed to prevent arrival of the Government of National Accord to take up its work.

He stressed US’s readiness to support the GNA with humanitarian, economic, security support, as Libya needs to get beyond current crisis.

From his side, the French Foreign Minister, John Mark Ayrault, said that his country supports Fayez Al-Sarraj endeavor to form unity government in Libya, confirming there is no solution but political resolution.

He added, in press conference with Algerian counterpart Ramatane Lamamra, Tuesday “I think the political resolution is the only way out of the crisis in Libya. We support the unity government led by Fayez Al-Sarraj, whom I met in Tunisia days ago, he is ready to move his government to Tripoli. He doesn’t need foreign protection, but internal reconciliation that allows the government to start”.

Ayrault said that the situation in Libya is complicated in the light of chaos that allows the Islamic State (IS) to expand, and threatens all the region. He expressed his hope a new Libya would be built, stressing the need to fight terrorism.

From his side, Algerian Foreign Secretary, Ramatane Lamamra, renewed his country’s support to the political process in Libya, urging all Libyans to join national reconciliation, to get out of the current unacceptable situation.