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Sowane calls on GNA supporters to demonstrate


The chief of Justice and Building Party, Mohamed Sowane, has called on supporters of the Libyan political agreement to go to streets to express support for the peaceful solution and the Government of National Accord (GNA).

In a statement on the party’s official Facebook page, Sowane said that he understands fears of opponents of the agreement, noting that “the agreement emerged after deep division and severe conflict”, adding that for the nation to be reunited, all should compromise and fold leaves of the past.

He warned against hinderers, revolution monopoly, and accusation of non-nationality saying that committers of these acts won’t be able to drag the country into any armed escalation. He called on them to abide by peaceful opposition.

Sowane called on the GNA to use people of expertise, put conflicts aside and to assure all groups.

He noted that his party’s participation in the talks was for the good of the nation and away from any gains.