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Civil aviation ordered the closure of airspace


The spokesperson for Mitiga international airport, Fawzy Milady, revealed that the civil aviation department is the entity that decided to suspend flights in the airport for hours, Sunday and Monday morning, referring that all flights resumed naturally from and to the capital Tripoli.

Milady told Al-Wasat website that the “civil aviation department sent urgent note about suspending flights for six hours, Sunday night”.

“If there were any faults in aviation system, is of civil aviation department competences, which sent us a note to suspend flights”, Milady said, confirming that he has no details concerning gunfire at the vicinity of the airport.

The Presidential Council (PC) plane was forced to return to Tunisia, after closing airspace, which prevented it from landing in Mitiga airport in Tripoli.

This coincided with intense gunfire across different areas in the capital, despite security arrangements took to enable the Presidential Council (PC) from entering the capital Tripoli.