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Tripoli battalions call inhabitants to oppose GNA


Some Tripoli revolutionaries’ battalions called inhabitants to oppose the Government of National Accord (GNA), as “it is not accepted by all Libyans”.

They called in a statement, late Saturday, the government to clear its positions regarding what they called “Haftar coup project”, beside its position regarding 17th February revolution, and insuring rights of all revolutionaries by integrating them in state security institutions.

The statement demanded the unity government to put a clear definition for “terrorism it intends to fight” in cooperation with the international community, and if this war against terrorism would include Benghazi and Derna revolutionaries shura council and 17th February revolutionaries.

The statement said that “the GNA also needs to clear its position concerning the House of Fatwa and Mufti Sadeq Gheryani, and committing to Sharia laws and laws ratified by the General National Congress (GNC).

The statement called the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) not to disperse revolutionaries’ lines or propagate discord seeking power.

Commanders of revolutionaries’ battalions announced from Tripoli government headquarter in Tripoli, last Wednesday, “their refusal to any attempts to force a government not complied by all Libyans into Tripoli”.