Home Reports Mitiga and Misrata airports are back to work

Mitiga and Misrata airports are back to work


Mitiga airport manager, Abu Bakr Abuhmeda, confirmed the resumption of air traffic at the airport, staff begun completion of normal procedures for travelers.

On the other side, the spokesperson for Misrata international airport, Suleiman Al-Jajaimi, confirmed the resumption of air traffic, pointing that an airplane of Africa Airlines, coming from Ataturk Airport, landed in Misrata airport, on Monday.

“The plane landed without control tower permission, who asked the pilot to head to Al-Abraq airport, in the west side of Libya, but the plane refused for fuel shortage”, said Al-Jajaimi.

Air traffic in Misrata and Mitiga airports stopped, from 8am to 2pm, on orders from the aviation administration for matters related to security.

The Salvation Government in Tripoli denied, Sunday, social media reports concerning the closure of airspace for all flights, as well as general air traffic in airports.

It confirmed in a statement that “the closure of the airspace is basically for technical reasons”. The government is seeking to resolve problems and help citizens.