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Mali evacuates its nationals from Libya


Mali has deported 146 nationals from Libya, including 17 women and 30 children, due to deteriorating security situations in the country.

Malians who were evacuated expressed the difficulties they faced living in Libya. An Arab origin Malian national said that he was detained by armed men who thought he was a terrorist due to his skin color, he was released after asking for forgiveness, knowing that his country started evacuating its nationals.

Another one said that he was beaten with others of Arabs and Tuareg after he failed to show his papers and was thought to be a member of the Islamic State group (IS).

A woman expressed her gratitude to be able to go back to her country. “We live in Libya in fear. We get arrested or humiliated because of our skin color. It was a hard experience. We are really happy to go back to Mali”.

A Mali national asserted that other Malians are still behind bars. He was arrested by the police earlier on his way to the store; he stated that he was beaten and mistreated.