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Janzour battalion: Our job is to protect our municipality


Al-Forsan Janzour battalion, western side of Tripoli, vowed to prevent any attempts threatening the country or citizens either in Janzour or Tripoli and all Libyan lands, confirming that all arms and elements are meant to protect Janzour municipality according to security and military considerations.

The battalion said in a statement, on Saturday, that it welcomes any agreements and consensuses that serves Libya and Libyans, adding that “we are not interested in policy or political life, always support Libyans choices”.

“Our job is limited to securing and protecting the municipality and inhabitants, we will respond to any duty recalling. We will not use weapons unless for defending the country, and citizens’ choice, alleviate suffering and injustice”, said the statement.

The battalion confirmed that “since it was formed, it has no political views, didn’t follow any party or political current, but formed after liberation for the protection of Janzour and its citizens, within the absence of security and military bodies”.