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IS elements arrive at Sirte


Four Tunisian and Algerian Islamic State (IS) commanders arrived at Sirte, coming from the city of Sabratha, that witnessed fierce confrontations between the IS and local batalions during the last two weeks, according to local sources.

According to Al-Wasat website, four commanders escorted by Tunisian youth from Bin Guerdane city took sub roads, southern Sirte, crossing Bani Waleed, Nesma, and Zamzam, they had to hide during noon in Sabratha, in Sirte, they were welcomed by Tunisian leaders who led them to a farm in Dhaheir, west Sirte.

The IS controlled Sirte and the surroundings for more than one year, their control extended to Nufalya and Bin Jawad, east of Sirte. The group imposed its own rules and strict laws, established “Hesba” which is “Islamic police and court”, issued execution sentences against civilians and military men.

The IS elements attacked, on 24 last February, security department center of Sabratha, controlled it for some time before clashing with local militias.