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Libya’s neighboring countries meeting starts in Tunisia


Libya’s neighboring countries foreign ministers started, Tuesday, their meeting in Tunisia, with the participation of Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger and Tunisia, beside representatives from the Arab League, the African Union and the European Union, as well as the United Nations envoy, Martin Kobler.

Kobler stressed in his speech the important role played by Libya’s neighbors, describing the situation inside Libya as “chaotic and complicated”.

Tunisian meeting supposed to discuss ways to accelerate the formation of the unity government to recognize its duties, and spare Libya any foreign military operations.

The Tunisian president, Baji Qaid Essebsi, confirmed the importance of Libya’s neighbors meeting, hosted by Tunisia, as it provides significant support for the political course inside Libya.

Essebsi added, according to Tunisia Africa news agency, that Libya’s neighbors should have a role in helping Libyans overcome difficulties they face, and achieve political solution that guarantees Libya’s stability.